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David Lee

David Lee is the COO of Bened Life. He is on a mission to elevate the profile of live, gut-brain therapeutics in an untapped market. He holds a BS in Molecular Biology from UC San Diego and has held positions in lab research, biotech research, and bio business research that focused on his personal interest in translational biology. With over 16 years in the science and probiotic industry, Lee has led a team making strides in research and development, education, and production of gut-brain axis supplements.
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Parkinson’s, autism spectrum disorder, and the gut-brain axis: A role for psychobiotics in ameliorating neurological symptoms from the gut

The need is acute for more safe and effective ways to help patients live more comfortably with chronic neurological conditions like Parkinson’s...

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Surrounded by controversy, FDA approves Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm

In the middle of the debate about the Alzheimer’s drug approval, the United States FDA has authorized Aduhelm
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