Uncategorized BD Launches New Needle-Free Blood Collection Tool

BD Launches New Needle-Free Blood Collection Tool


BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) is making progress toward its objective of offering patients a “one-stick hospital stay” by obtaining new approval from the FDA for painless blood bank hardware that functions through IV lines that have already been placed. 

The needle-free blood draw system was initially obtained by the firm through its 2021 purchase of Velano Vascular, the manufacturer of the PIVO device. This device involves threading a tiny, flexible catheter via an IV line to reach the vessels of the arm. This enables it to gather samples in an area that is free of any possibly harmful debris, medications, or fluids, while also allowing it to load as many tubes as necessary throughout the course of a patient’s visit.

In 2017, the FDA gave the go-ahead to PIVO for an edition of the device that was compatible with conventional small peripheral IV catheters. The most recent version, which has been given the name PIVO Pro, is an expansion of the design that allows it to function with integrated and lengthy catheters. One example of such a catheter is BD’s Nexiva closed system, which may be utilized for as many as six days.

Eric Borin, BD’s global president of medication delivery, remarked, “This new solution helps to reduce unnecessary and repeat needlesticks in the hospital while elevating clinical outcomes, improving workflow and creating a better experience for clinicians and patients.”

As per BD, the pairing of PIVO and its IV access taps has demonstrated declines in sample mistakes that end up in redraws and other problems that can lead to needless operations and line replacements. 

The company believes that more than 3.5 million PIVO operations have been carried out in the U.S. to date, with peripheral IV inserts and blood collection being some of the most frequent events that take place during a patient’s stay in the hospital. These invasive procedures are linked to a range of consequences, including a low rate of successful first-stick insertion, recurrent catheter errors, and inferior sample quality. These issues can cause hospital stays to be lengthened and costs to rise, leading to a less-than-stellar customer experience.

The “one-stick hospital stay” philosophy that BD adheres to is supported by three pillars, one of which is the PIVO system. The other two are keeping the IV line in place throughout the patient’s stay so that it does not need to be changed and inserting the IV properly the first time. The latter of these two is facilitated by the company’s debut earlier this year of an ultrasound tool geared at locating the ideal vein for an intravenous line.

The Prevue II system, which was introduced by the firm in April, offers an image of under the surface of the skin and has the ability to monitor, in real time, the distance traveled by a magnetically monitored needle.

Patients and medical professionals alike will benefit from BD’s dedication to improving the standard of care for IV treatment and blood draws owing to the company’s position as a leading provider of treatments for vascular access.

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