Commercial Bristol Myers Squibb Launches Sotyktu Initiative to Provide a...

Bristol Myers Squibb Launches Sotyktu Initiative to Provide a ‘Comprehensive Insight’ into Living with Psoriasis


Bristol Myers Squibb is actively working to shed light on the intricate realities of living with psoriasis, embarking on an initiative aimed at nurturing a profound “clear understanding” of this medical condition. In a strategic move to bolster the sales of their product Sotyktu, the pharmaceutical giant has introduced a fresh and innovative campaign that places a strong emphasis on the patient’s personal journey.

Around eleven months ago, Bristol Myers Squibb secured approval for Sotyktu as a therapeutic intervention for plaque psoriasis. Their promotional efforts for the drug began earlier this year with a television advertisement aired during the Grammy Awards. Building on this momentum, the company is now introducing a new campaign called “Clear Understanding,” which spotlights the stories of three individuals grappling with the challenges of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis.

At the heart of this campaign’s dedicated website is Al, a man who has navigated the complexities of psoriasis for over three decades. For someone like Al, who possesses a hands-on disposition, encountering a problem that lies beyond his understanding and control triggers feelings of frustration. This sentiment is further emphasized by his acknowledgment that during the initial stages of his psoriasis journey, there were certain aspects of his condition that he found difficult to grasp or effectively address.

Recalling his earlier years, Al reveals his attempts to shield his loved ones from the visible impacts of his condition, striving to prevent them from perceiving him differently due to his ailment. Nevertheless, a pivotal moment arose when a sizable psoriatic patch obstructed Al’s plans to undergo hip replacement surgery. This turning point propelled him into action, leading him to embrace Sotyktu, a drug recently endorsed by Bristol Myers Squibb. With the aid of this medication, Al’s life underwent a transformative change. He now experiences a degree of normalcy, able to confidently wear short sleeves and shorts. The video captures Al joyfully embracing his spouse and navigating a sports car, a testament to his newfound freedom.

Beyond Al’s narrative, the campaign website showcases written testimonials from two additional individuals grappling with psoriasis. Notably, neither of these individuals is benefiting from Sotyktu treatment. Both testimonials underscore the critical importance of fostering a “clear understanding” of this dermatological condition, underscoring the urgent need for accurate information and empathy.

As a dynamic element of the campaign, Bristol Myers Squibb has incorporated an interactive quiz on the campaign website. This quiz presents visitors with three thought-provoking questions, delving into the influence of psoriasis on familial, social, and professional interactions. The respondents’ answers dictate which of the profiled patients’ testimonies is presented to them.

This campaign is aligned with the company’s robust endeavors to drive Sotyktu sales beyond the impressive $25 million mark achieved in the second quarter. A strategic decision made by Bristol Myers Squibb to divest its psoriasis drug, Otezla, to Amgen played a pivotal role in securing regulatory clearance for their acquisition of Celgene. This strategic move encompassed the then-experimental Sotyktu, which has subsequently integrated itself into Bristol Myers Squibb’s expansive pharmaceutical portfolio.

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