Manufacturing Empower Pharmacy inaugurates a $55m facility in Houston

Empower Pharmacy inaugurates a $55m facility in Houston


A compounding pharmacy, which is also FDA registered outsourcing facility, Empower Pharmacy, has reported a grand launch of its new facility in Houston, Texas, worth $55 million.     

The new 86,000 sqft facility incorporates advanced pharmaceutical technology expanding access to innovative yet affordable pharmaceutical solutions, making it one of the largest and much advanced compounding pharmacies in North America.   

“We are setting a new standard for compounded medicine, striving to achieve a superior pharmaceutical experience, from order placement to delivery,” said CEO, Shaun Noorian.

This new facility is licensed to manufacture and deliver meds to the consumers. Augmenting the use of automation, it has advanced cleanroom and utilises modern equipments to generate sterile compressed air and steam and purified water.

In order to cater with the issues like supply chain scarcity that could leave an adverse impact on patients’ care, the facility has a large warehouse which has enough space to store raw pharmaceutical ingredients to continue supply for somewhat nine months further. It became functional earlier in August.

Exemplifying this new facility, Empower Pharmacy will soon be inaugurating its second similar facility with 503B license, giving it rights to manufacture and deliver compounding meds to the hospitals, healthcare institutions and physicians offices directly.              

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