Clinical New Eurocine and Redbiotec partnership for Herpes Vaccine

New Eurocine and Redbiotec partnership for Herpes Vaccine


Redbiotec will receive royalty payments on the net sales of the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 (HSV-2) vaccine. Sales will be made by Eurocine Vaccine. 

The two pharmaceutical companies Redbiotec and Eurocine Vaccines have signed an agreement making the two partners in an effort to develop possible vaccines against HSV-2. The vaccines will be developed through Redbiotec’s technology with Eurocine having the rights to develop, produce as well as market the vaccine internationally. 

Eurocine Vaccines is a Swedish pharmaceutical company while Redbiotech is a private Switzerland-based biotechnology company. 

HSV-2 is a sexually transmitted disease that does not have effective therapy. Treatment currently consists of antivirals and the disease is contagious as well as widespread, affecting up to half a billion people across the globe. HSV-2 presents itself as genital blisters and ulcers which can have a negative impact on patients’ relationships as well as self-esteem which can lead to depression. The risk of neurological disability and HIV increases for patients with the herpes virus, thus HSV-2’s effective treatment is a necessity. 

The HSV-2 vaccine will be based on protein-based technology by Redbiotec or messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology and the agreement covers the patents of the vaccine as well. 

As outlined in the agreement, Eurocine will be responsible for the development of the vaccine candidates, their production and their marketing until an out-licensing agreement is signed with a third party. 

The sharing of the proceeds of the out-licensing deal will depend on which stage of the development of the vaccine candidates the out-licensing deal is signed by a third party, and the proceeds from the said deal will be shared between the two partners.

This will be in addition to the royalty payments Redbiotec will receive on the net sales of the HSV-2 vaccine which will resultantly be approved from the developed candidates.

Eurocine made public its immediate plans related to the HSV-2 vaccines after the deal was signed. The pharma company stated that it will work on the vaccine-related development through pre-clinical and then clinical studies, as well as apply for patents and pursue marketing strategies. 

The technology through which the HSV- vaccine will be developed; mRNA or protein-based, has not been officially decided as of yet. 

The potential of HSV-2 vaccine is subject to analysis at this point and its therapeutics potential remains to be seen through various vaccine candidates.

Eurocine has shown excitement at the inclusion of Redbiotec’s HSV-2 vaccine candidates in its portfolio and hoped to make progress with its new partners.

Eurocine CEO stated: “I am very pleased that we have added this promising candidate to our portfolio, especially given the impressive scientific development of the therapeutic vaccine made to this point by Redbiotec. The candidate is perfectly in line with our portfolio strategy.”

Redbiotec also commented on the partnership with Eurocine, terming it as ‘leap ahead’ in the work for the HSV-2 vaccine innovation. The company stated that as partners, Eurocine will be able to bring the commitment as well as vaccine expertise needed to make the HSV-2 vaccine a success in the pharmaceutical industry.

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