Research & Development FDA and CDC exploring unlikely relation between COVID-19 vaccine...

FDA and CDC exploring unlikely relation between COVID-19 vaccine and stroke


The FDA and CDC have brought out new revelations that the revised COVID-19 injection from Pfizer Inc and its partner BioNTech could lead to a cerebral stroke in the older population.

Pfizer is an American biotechnology and pharmaceutical company with a legacy of almost 170 years in the industry. BioNTech is a German company that specializes in developing and making treatments for patients with specific diseases.

Both regulatory bodies, the CDC and the FDA, have made a joint announcement regarding this issue. As per the CDC vaccine database, there is a potential safety issue for people aged sixty-five and older to experience an ischemic stroke roughly three weeks after receiving the vaccination. The regulatory bodies, however, did not recommend any changes in the distribution of the medication supplies.

Ischemic stroke occurs when the blood flow to the brain is not continuous.  The stroke is also referred to as brain ischemia. FDA and CDC have pointed out that the problem was not seen in the partner companies’ databases along with the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, and other nations’ databases.

The data indicates that the signals shown in the Vaccine Safety Link will not be a harmful threat, but the regulatory bodies felt it was important to share the information.

In a joint statement, Pfizer and BioNTech stated that they had information on a very limited number of ischemic stroke cases in adults aged 65 and older who received the updated dosage. As per the vaccination producers, there was no such evidence that shows any relation between the COVID-19 vaccination and ischemic stroke.

The companies released a statement to give their point of view

“Neither Pfizer and BioNTech nor the CDC or FDA have observed similar findings across numerous other monitoring systems in the U.S. and globally”.

On the other hand, Moderna’s medication has stayed away from this safety controversy, with the CDC and FDA continuing to advise everyone aged 6 months and older to maintain current COVID-19 vaccination practices.

According to the CDC, 15.9% of the American population who are older than five years have received this booster shot of the new vaccination.

The updated booster injections were made available for people aged twelve and older in September and for children aged five to eleven the injection was available in October, while for infants to four years, in December. These injections include Moderna from the Covid-19 original strain as well as from the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of the omicron strain, one of the virus’s most infectious strains last year.

In comparison to those who were not vaccinated, the revised booster significantly reduced the chance of hospitalization. As per a recently published research report by CDC, the bivalent dosages were 56% more effective at preventing COVID than no vaccination. Furthermore, compared to people who got the initial dosage at least 11 months earlier, those who received the dose had a 50% lower chance of contracting Covid-19.

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