Manufacturing Gerresheimer Increases the Capabilities of Medical Systems in the...

Gerresheimer Increases the Capabilities of Medical Systems in the USA


Gerresheimer, the maker of innovative systems and solutions and a partner to the pharma, biotech, and cosmetics industries, is increasing the production capacity of medical devices like inhalers and autoinjectors in the United States. The second expansion phase involves increasing the production area at Gerresheimer’s site in Peachtree City, Georgia, USA, by about 18,000 m² (200,000 sq ft).

This phase costs a total of approximately 166 million euros (USD 180 million) for the construction and equipment for the new buildings.

Gerresheimer is an innovative system and solution provider and is considered the world’s leading supplier to the pharma, biotech, and cosmetics sectors. It provides a wide range of primary containment products and secondary containment systems for medicines, drug delivery systems, and medical equipment and devices required in the healthcare sector. The solutions span therapy-supporting technology, drug pumps, syringes, pens, auto-injectors and inhalers, injection vials, ampoules, tablet casings, infusion systems, droppers, and syrup bottles.

Today, Gerresheimer’s production is located in 35 sites across 16 countries in Europe, America, and Asia, and all its products are manufactured according to the specific markets. Currently, the company has about 12,000 employees, and its sales for the year 2023 reached nearly 2 billion euros. Gerresheimer AG is listed on the MDAX of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

More than 400 new full-time jobs will be generated by Gerresheimer in Peachtree City as a result of the expansion. To date, the company directly employs approximately 270 people at the location. The Peachtree expansion will also highlight Gerresheimer’s strategic market position as a system and solution partner for drug delivery systems in North America.

The first stage of the expansion involved the construction of a new building section which took up about 7,700 m² (83,000 sq ft) and formed a continuous line with the existing plant. The area designated for the ISO 14644-1 cleanroom class 9 production and manufacturing halls includes approximately 5,000 m² (53,800 sq ft). In the second half of 2024, the specific equipment and techniques needed for production will be set up once the construction is finished. From the given project, unfortunately, it is not clear what the new section of the building is, but by the end of 2024, production is expected to increase to full capacity. Additionally, part of the new building will include another high-bay warehouse equipped with the latest automated technology. At the end of the first stage of expansion, the Peachtree City site is expected to have 15,284 square meters of cleanroom class 8 and 9 production floors.
During the second phase of expansion of Gerresheimer’s production facilities in Peachtree City, a brand-new modern building totaling an area of 10,200 m² (110,000 sq ft) is being constructed near Atlanta Regional Airport, some 2.6 kilometers (1.6 miles) away. This will be the first production site that will include a further 7,200 m² (77,500 sq ft) of cleanroom class 9 production area and an automated high-bay warehouse. The site has been prepared for the construction of access roads and supplies for the new factory, and construction of the factory building is to start soon. In 2025, further assembly lines of production are planned to be installed, and production is also planned to begin in the second half of the year 2025. The new construction site is spacious enough to accommodate future expansion.

Gerresheimer manufactures medical equipment at its Peachtree facility, including autoinjectors, test cards for microbiological testing, inhalers, and parts for infusion systems. These devices can be used, among other things, in the treatment of diabetes and obesity.

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