Commercial Insud Pharma and Fresenius Kabi join efforts to grow...

Insud Pharma and Fresenius Kabi join efforts to grow mAbxience


German Fresenius Kabi to acquire Insud Pharmaceutical’s biotech company mAbxience in a new deal. As per the agreement Kabi will acquire 55% of the company’s shares.

The biotech company mAbxience has R&D manufacturing facilities in its home country Spain, as well as in Argentina. The company has been active since 2010 and works on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of various biopharmaceutical products. 

mAbxience also provides a contract development and manufacturing platform (CDMO) for its customers. 

Kabi’s blood transfusion business has taken this majority stake of 55% in the company and as a result acquired mAbxience. This follows the “Vision 2026” of Kabi which aims to grow its presence in MedTech and biopharmaceuticals. 

mAbxience has a global presence with alliances across countries to allow access of the company’s products to international pharma markets. The 600 people strong company will likely continue on the path of growth in the industry through this deal, as their board of directors possibly predict since they approved the acquisition unanimously. The deal is subject to regulatory scrutiny and is expected to close this year. 

Insud Pharma utilized the services of Goldman Sachs and Baker McKenzie as financial and legal advisors respectively.

Insud also aims for growth in its biotech research this year, with plans to open the doors to a new R&D facility in Spain. Through this deal the company will continue to open up its avenues for revenue and invest across the globe.

Insud pharma hopes to develop mAbxience through this collaboration. A company representative explained that this agreement aims to add value to the pharmaceutical industry by improving mAbxience and building on its strong capabilities in biopharmaceutical products. Through the skills Insud brings with its team, Insud and Kabi can work together to bring about this change.

“mAbxience is the perfect example of how innovation, cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing platform technology is used to deliver high quality medicines to patients, provide cost-effective alternatives to healthcare systems and guarantee its sustainability. Today’s announcement is testament to the hard work of our people that have grown mAbxience from its inception to the leading business it is today,” stated the CEO of Insud.

Spanish pharmaceutical company Insud is a large player in the pharma and healthcare industry, with experience of over four decades. The company boasts an international presence spanning across forty countries. Its medicines and APIs are developed as well as manufactured across its three business units: mAbxience, Chemo and Exeltis.

One of its units, mAbxience, is a biopharmaceutical company that is fully integrated globally and works on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of monoclonal antibodies.

mAbxience is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) platform of an independent nature which provides end-to-end solutions for its customers.

 The company has opened up three facilities since it was founded in 2010 and is working with B2B partners across the healthcare industry to commercialize its biopharmaceutical products. Its products cover a variety of therapies.

Examples of these therapies include Rituximab and Avastin. mAbxience also produced Astra Zeneca’s COVID-19 shot in Latin America.

The company aims to improve the accessibility of healthcare for patients by making therapies more cost-effective and available for diseases that traditionally have a high cost of treatment. 

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