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This week we take a look at the latest happenings in the pharma industry with Biogen’s $7B acquisition of Reata, Amgen’s success in colon cancer therapy trials, Quest Diagnostics’ blood test for the early detection of Alzheimer, and other top news!

Biogen’s $7B Reata Pharmaceuticals Acquisition

Biogen has made a significant move by acquiring Reata Pharmaceuticals for $7.3 billion, gaining access to the recently FDA-approved drug Skyclarys for the rare neuromuscular disorder Friedreich’s ataxia. The acquisition is considered one of Biogen’s biggest commercial endeavors to date. Skyclarys’ approval was debated with the FDA due to its rarity, affecting around 5,000 people in the U.S. Despite the controversy, Wall Street experts believe it holds substantial revenue potential. The acquisition aims to leverage synergies with existing therapies and counter declining multiple sclerosis drug sales.

Lumakras Shows Promise in Late-Stage Colon Cancer

Amgen’s Lumakras is emerging as a promising contender in the battle against late-stage colon cancer, as evidenced by encouraging outcomes from late-stage clinical trials. Lumakras’ unique mechanism of targeting specific genetic mutations offers a glimmer of hope for patients grappling with advanced forms of this aggressive disease. The treatment’s efficacy not only underscores its potential to revolutionize colon cancer therapy but also highlights the strides made in personalized medicine.

Araviv Edercis’ Phase 3 Cancer Setback

Araviv Edercis, once fueled by ambitious goals in cancer treatment, has encountered an unexpected roadblock as its Phase 3 clinical trials fall short of expectations. The disappointment stemming from the drug’s inability to meet the desired endpoints casts a spotlight on the intricate challenges and uncertainties inherent in the complex journey of clinical drug development. 

FDA Approves Terumo’s Reveos System for Platelet Shortage

Terumo’s groundbreaking Reveos System has secured the coveted approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This pioneering automated whole blood processing technology could potentially alleviate the ongoing shortage of platelets used for critical medical purposes. By streamlining and enhancing the blood processing pipeline, the Reveos System has the potential to address a significant healthcare challenge, making a substantial impact on patient care. The FDA’s green light signifies not only the system’s technical innovation but also its potential to save lives by ensuring the availability of vital blood products.

Quest Diagnostics Launches Alzheimer’s Blood Test for Consumers
Quest Diagnostics is rolling out an accessible blood test designed for the general public, aimed at early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. This innovative approach has the potential to transform the landscape of Alzheimer’s diagnosis, making it more convenient and timely for individuals concerned about their cognitive health. By offering a user-friendly test, Quest Diagnostics is empowering individuals to take a proactive stance toward their brain health and enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions. This move could have far-reaching implications for both the field of Alzheimer’s research and the general population’s well-being.

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