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This week we take a look at the second episode of the Leading Minds podcast with Janssen leader Chumi Khurana, FDA clearance for an AI-based Kidney Test, advancement of J&J & Protagonist Therapeutics’ Psoriasis Drug, and other top news!

Empowering Leadership and Navigating Career Paths: Insights from Chumi Khurana

In this episode of Leading Minds, Chumi Khurana, a leader at Janssen Global Commercial Strategy Organization and Chairperson of the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, shares insights into her career path and leadership philosophy. She emphasizes the importance of establishing a healthy work environment through the culture and vision of the workplace. Khurana encourages leaders to empower their employees by listening to them and inspiring them to develop their leadership skills. She also challenges the notion that working part-time is detrimental to one’s career, suggesting that it can be the right choice at certain times and advises making life decisions that are personally beneficial. Additionally, Khurana reminds listeners that career paths are a journey and that changes can be valuable learning experiences to navigate.

Renalytix Receives FDA Clearance for AI-Based Kidney Disease Test

The FDA has granted Renalytix a De Novo clearance for their artificial intelligence (AI)-based kidney disease test. The test, called KidneyIntelX, uses machine learning algorithms to analyze patient data and predict the progression of kidney disease. This clearance allows Renalytix to market the test for clinical use in the United States, potentially improving the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.

J&J and Protagonist Therapeutics Advance Oral Psoriasis Drug to Phase 3 Trial

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Protagonist Therapeutics have announced the progression of an oral drug for psoriasis to a Phase 3 clinical trial. The drug, PTG-200, targets a specific protein involved in the immune response associated with psoriasis. The decision to move to Phase 3 trials comes after positive results from earlier studies. If successful, this oral treatment could offer a convenient alternative to current psoriasis therapies that require injections or infusions.

FDA Rejects Amneal’s Parkinson’s Disease Candidate

The FDA has dismissed Amneal Pharmaceuticals’ candidate for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The drug, AP-CD/LD, intended to provide a more stable and reliable treatment option for Parkinson’s patients, did not meet the agency’s requirements for approval. Amneal will need to address the concerns raised by the FDA and conduct additional studies before seeking approval again.

Celltrion Introduces Biosimilar Version of Humira, Yuflyma, in the US

Celltrion Healthcare has launched Yuflyma, a biosimilar version of the blockbuster drug Humira, in the United States. Yuflyma is indicated for the treatment of multiple autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. As a biosimilar, Yuflyma is designed to be highly similar to Humira in terms of safety and efficacy. This launch offers an alternative treatment option for patients while potentially reducing healthcare costs.

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