Clinical Medable and CVS Join Hands to Increase the Accessibility...

Medable and CVS Join Hands to Increase the Accessibility of Clinical Trials


Medable Incorporation and CVS Health have declared their partnership to make clinical trials accessible and engaging for participants at some MinuteClinic™ sites through their software program. CVS Health Clinical Trial Services™ will be in charge of the collaboration between the two parties.

The partnership incorporates Medable’s software technology into CVS Health’s community outreach and MinuteClinic services. It allows CVS health to ensure better patient access and involvement in clinical studies, making them more significant.

Unfortunately, less than four percent of Americans partake in clinical trials despite their significance. Moreover, 30% of patients quit before the study ends, and 80% of studies fail to meet enrollment deadlines. Even though the industry is making progress in its efforts to close the bridge in African-American clinical studies engagement, other ethnic groups, such as Asians, Hispanic and Latino people, remain inadequately represented.

“Our mission is to bring effective therapies to all patients, regardless of where they live, their social status, or race. This collaboration intends to bridge research and science into communities with local access and experience that builds greater trust in health and medicine,” said Sans Thakur, chief growth officer at Medable.

He further added that the collaboration between Medable technology and CVS Health’s years of experience and public engagement had presented them with multiple opportunities. They could now take advantage of changing times and offer services to local groups in an effective manner.

Medable’s use of technology platforms for patient engagement has led to greater retention, a smaller drop-out rate, faster enrollment, and considerable cost reduction. Participants of clinical trials can now sign consent forms, communicate with both physicians and other participants, report health status, and review documents remotely through their devices.

Tony Clapsis, General Manager and Senior Vice President of CVS Health Clinical Trial Services explained that their partnership with Medable will allow them to work effectively for better understanding and outreach of a larger group of people. Medable is focusing on patients with progressing chronic diseases and at-risk populations that do not have access to healthcare, and therefore, have poor health and lower life expectancy. He added that more than 40% of the vulnerable population resides at a distance of five miles from a CVS Pharmacy which provides them with the opportunity to capture their interest.

He further commented, “Coupling Medable’s software platform and experience with CVS Health’s national reach, analytics, and established clinical trial and care delivery teams and services will further enrich and accelerate our ability to make a difference in the lives of the patients and support an improved clinical research process.”

CVS Health’s devotion to diversity and inclusion is quite suitable for this new collaboration. A diverse CVS Health personnel will lead to the betterment of culturally inclusive healthcare delivery and research.

As of May 2021, CVS Health Clinical Trials Services (CTS) has been operating in liaison with important stakeholders of biopharmaceutical companies for the innovation of clinical trials and real-world evidence generation. CTS contributed to the engagement of patients in the investigational Covid19 vaccine trials.

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