Technology Revvity introduces advanced preclinical imaging tech for scientists to...

Revvity introduces advanced preclinical imaging tech for scientists to make breakthroughs


Revvity, Inc. is ushering in a new era of innovation in the realm of preclinical research by introducing an advanced imaging portfolio that has the potential to reshape the landscape of in vivo optical imaging. This comprehensive portfolio comprises three groundbreaking systems: the cutting-edge IVIS Spectrum 2, IVIS SpectrumCT 2, and the Quantum GX3 microCT structural imaging solution. These technologies are poised to take center stage at the upcoming World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Prague, Czech Republic in September.

Dr. Alan Fletcher, who serves as the Senior Vice President of Life Sciences at Revvity, underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to providing adaptable, high-throughput solutions aimed at bolstering the efficiency of preclinical research and development (R&D) endeavors. He underscores how this expanding portfolio equips researchers with robust capabilities, ultimately expediting scientific breakthroughs and expediting the journey from initial discovery to potential cures.

The IVIS Spectrum 2, the next-generation IVIS platform, represents a significant evolution of its highly lauded predecessor. This platform offers a wide range of features, including 2D and 3D bioluminescence and fluorescence capabilities for in vivo imaging. These capabilities empower researchers to engage in longitudinal disease tracking, analyze cell movement, evaluate drug safety, gauge treatment efficacy, and investigate molecular-level biological processes.

The IVIS Spectrum 2 is equipped with an exclusive state-of-the-art camera featuring eXcelon® coating, which enhances imaging sensitivity. Furthermore, it incorporates a posing station that streamlines high-throughput imaging and workflow, facilitating real-time, non-invasive research. The system effortlessly combines 2D optical and complete 3D imaging capabilities, allowing for the concurrent capture of images from as many as ten specimens. This substantially enhances throughput, thanks in part to the benchtop posing station and the Smart Trays specifically crafted to optimize workflow.

Expanding upon the capabilities of the IVIS Spectrum 2, the IVIS SpectrumCT 2 system retains all the features of its forerunner while incorporating integrated, low-dose CT capabilities. This integration enables both functional and anatomical imaging within a single system, signifying a momentous advancement in preclinical imaging technology.

The Quantum GX3 microCT system, building on the successes of its predecessor, provides a high-resolution structural imaging solution intended to deliver outstanding image quality and flexibility. Researchers employing this powerful tool can rapidly acquire top-notch images suitable for a broad range of uses. Notable improvements include a remarkable 5-micron spatial resolution, step-scanning capabilities, active ring reduction, and enhanced gating, all of which establish a fresh benchmark for image quality and versatility in the category of preclinical research instruments. This solidifies the Quantum GX3 system as a leader in imaging applications encompassing both bone and soft tissue, along with other critical uses.

Revvity’s portfolio also boasts the Vega solution, an automated, high-throughput preclinical ultrasound imaging system. This innovative system surmounts the constraints associated with conventional handheld systems by employing automated transducers positioned beneath the imaging stage.

Dr. Fletcher underscores that Revvity’s expanding portfolio is a testament to ambitious product development initiatives and collaborative efforts across the organization. These advancements are poised to empower scientists and researchers, propelling them toward breakthroughs and advancements in preclinical research, ultimately paving the way for transformative discoveries and potential cures.

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