Commercial Sanofi divests 11 CNS medications to Pharmanovia in a...

Sanofi divests 11 CNS medications to Pharmanovia in a strategic slimming-down move


In a strategic maneuver aimed at streamlining its product portfolio, pharmaceutical juggernaut Sanofi has initiated the sale of 11 central nervous system (CNS) medications to Pharmanovia, a highly respected company known for its expertise in lifecycle management. This significant transaction underscores Sanofi’s ongoing commitment to refocusing its efforts on core growth drivers within the industry.

Sanofi is selling off a collection of medications that covers a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas, such as drugs for mental health, anxiety, epilepsy, and psychosis. Among the medications included in this deal are Stemetil, Noiafren, Urbanol, Urbanyl, Sentil, Urbanil, Frisium, Urbadan, Gardenal, Castilium, and Tercian. Although the exact financial terms of the agreement remain undisclosed, it serves as a clear indication of Sanofi’s dedication to restructuring and optimizing its product offerings to stay competitive in the market.

Pharmanovia, based in the United Kingdom, is well-known for its expertise in rejuvenating, prolonging, and broadening the lifespan of established pharmaceutical brand names. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in Pharmanovia’s mission to strengthen its foothold in the CNS market, especially in regions such as South Africa, Brazil, France, and Italy.

Sanofi’s decision to part ways with these CNS medications aligns with the long-term vision of CEO Paul Hudson, who aims to steer the company towards first-in-class or best-in-class growth drivers. Notably, this isn’t the first instance where Sanofi has divested CNS products; the company concluded a separate agreement with Neuraxpharm just the previous year, which involved the sale of 15 CNS products in addition to two pain and vascular treatments.

Moreover, Sanofi has been actively reconfiguring its range of offerings in diverse sectors. In July, Stada, a German company, purchased a range of former Sanofi consumer healthcare products, following a similar sale of Sanofi consumer products in 2021. Furthermore, Sanofi gained attention by relinquishing exclusive global rights to the cancer drug Libtayo to its partner Regeneron for $900 million.

On a different note, Sanofi, in partnership with Regeneron, has experienced significant success with their immunology drug Dupixent. Both firms unveiled phase 3 trial results that demonstrated the drug’s effectiveness in managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). They are now in the process of preparing a regulatory submission for this indication, set to be filed next year. Dupixent has delivered exceptional results, generating nearly 4.9 billion euros in revenue during the first half of the year, reflecting a remarkable 37% growth compared to the same period in the prior year.

CEO Paul Hudson characterizes Sanofi’s current state as a “new steady state.” During this phase, the company will direct its attention towards the launch of new products, including the hemophilia A treatment Altuviiio and the infant RSV antibody Beyfortus, thereby showcasing Sanofi’s unwavering commitment to innovation and growth within its core therapeutic areas.

Dr. James Burt, CEO of Pharmanovia, expressed genuine enthusiasm about the acquisition, emphasizing Sanofi’s recognition of Pharmanovia’s neurology expertise, life-cycle management capabilities, and reputation as a trusted partner in divestment deals. Dr. Burt underscored their dedication to ensuring the continued availability of these essential medicines to the millions of patients who rely on them. Furthermore, he highlighted their commitment to evolving these medications to better meet patient needs through effective life-cycle management.

This strategic partnership between Sanofi and Pharmanovia represents a significant development within the pharmaceutical industry, where companies consistently adapt and optimize their portfolios to align with evolving market demands and growth opportunities.

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