News Sanofi to acquire Origimm Biotechnology in a bid to...

Sanofi to acquire Origimm Biotechnology in a bid to expand vaccine pipeline


Sanofi will acquire Origimm Biotechnology as per an agreement signed by the two healthcare companies. The deal is expected to be finalized within the month but has not revealed any financials, so far.

One of the goals of the agreement is to grow Sanofi’s vaccine pipeline.

Austria’s Origimm Biotechnology focuses on the manufacturing of microbiome treatments as well as antigens against skin diseases caused by bacteria, and they have been in the process of manufacturing an acne vulgaris vaccine.

Sanofi will be adding the developing vaccine for acne vulgaris into its vaccine pipeline through the agreement with Origimm Biotechnology.

The acne vulgaris vaccine is named ORI-001, and has entered the clinical study stage this year. As Sanofi acquires Origimm Biotechnology, it will also develop its mRNA platform which is an antigen. Its Ph1/2 trials are expected to start in a little over a year.

Sanofi’s vaccine pipeline is to broaden through ORI-001- having the potential to be a first in the market vaccine for acne. Acne is a common skin condition among teenagers. However, acne also affects adults and regardless of the age group, has the ability to cause significant distress in affected individuals. In moderate and severe cases the Cutibacterium acnes bacterium is often the culprit which can be treated, as per Sanofi claims.

Austrian Origimm Biotechnology hopes that along with Sanofi they can create solutions for a myriad of microbiome-related skin diseases and illnesses with success and revolutionize the treatment of such illnesses.

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