Regulatory Triastek and Siemens form a partnership to drive digital...

Triastek and Siemens form a partnership to drive digital transformation in the pharmaceutical sector


Chinese pharmaceutical companies Triastek and Siemens have signed a deal to become partners in leading digital technologies in the pharma sector across the globe. Both companies bring together their areas of specialty with Siemens being a global leader in digitization as well as automation and Triastek leading the industry in 3D printing in pharmaceutical technology. 

Together both companies aim to further help the digitalization of the pharmaceutical sector. This incorporation of digital technology and continuous manufacturing processes has been encouraged by regulatory bodies such as the China-based National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) and U.S. Food and Drug Authority (FDA). 

Triastek was founded less than a decade ago however it announced last year that it plans on using its 3D printing technology to enter into the commercial market through partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies, like Siemens. The company is currently in its mass production phase.

 Triastek is currently prioritizing improvement in its manufacturing through the use of the continuous manufacturing approach as well as digital tools.

Together with its new partner; Siemens, the company hopes to solve problems of product quality, availability of medicine for patients and it hopes to lower manufacturing costs while producing quality products. Siemens draws its strength from its experience and expertise in digital technology. The partnership between the companies aims to cater to today’s pharmaceutical needs while also benefiting patients through the use of digital technology.

The pharmaceutical 3D printing technology that Triastek possesses is known as Melt Extrusion Deposition, or MED. With Siemen’s help, this can be used in the R&D of products, for the continuous manufacturing approach, real-time product release and production without the use of paper among others. Through this collaboration, the companies expect that they will be able to maintain the topmost quality and make improvements to the speed of the production line.

Furthermore, Triastek also stated its plans of developing an intelligent manufacturing center for pharmaceuticals. This is to include a smart factory, a virtual laboratory and it will fully be a digital center of operations for pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical company bases its future on the Open Strategy that it revealed last year. Through this strategy, it aims to engage in a collaboration that will allow its partners to use Triastek’s technology in their own operations. 

The company’s technology provides the necessary R&D and the manufacturing platform to help operations across all its stages, such as through development to production.

A Triastek official stated that this collaboration has enabled a digital future in the pharmaceutical industry. MED is an innovative solution to product development while it also represents R&D in the sector of pharmaceuticals.

With Siemens being a digital solution provider and Triastek being a leader in 3D printing technology the pharmaceutical sector can see a model that incorporates both R&D and is successful in addressing the demand to the delivery of product stage.Together the partners hope to bring change to the pharmaceutical industry for the better and help drive the digital pharmaceutical transformation in the industry.

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