Research & Development Vallon Pharmaceutical successful in getting U.S. Patent for COVID-19...

Vallon Pharmaceutical successful in getting U.S. Patent for COVID-19 brain fog treatment drug ADAIR


Covid-19 brain fog treatment drug, ADAIR, has been issued a patent by the US. Patent and Trademark Office. The drug has been manufactured by Vallon Pharmaceuticals. The company primarily focuses on central nervous system treatment medicines but announced its patent for ADAIR for use in patients experiencing COVID-19 related cognitive challenges, or brain fog, post-recovery. 

The patent covers dextroamphetamine in an abuse-deterrent form. The patent coverage lasts until 2041, till which time ADAIR can be used for COVID-19 patients suffering brain fog and cognitive impairment due to the virus. Due to the COVID-19 virus being new, a company representative explained, researchers and doctors are still understanding how the virus works, and what lasting effects it might have on patients. 

Emerging research points towards the long-term effects of the virus on cognitive functioning, which is characterized as COVID-related brain fog. This neurological impairment has the potential to have a lasting impact on the quality of life for patients. The COVID brain fog includes symptoms of attention deficit, inability to multitask, short-term memory loss, difficulty in recall, reduced speed in completing tasks, and even anxiety. The number of patients experiencing COVID brain fog is increasing in number, which the company aims to help treat. 

ADAIR has seen success in ADHD patients with similar cognitive challenges and the company hopes to carry over this success for the treatment of COVID-19 patients experiencing some of these challenges.

A study conducted consisting of over 700 people who had been infected by COVID-19, found that these people still had symptoms even after 7 months of infection while they did not have cognitive or memory problems prior to being infected. Another study found that over 80% of patients had difficulty in multitasking and even processing tasks after recovery.

Vallon pharmaceuticals have revealed that it is planning to partake in an evaluative study with a major research center for ADAIR’s effectiveness in treating patients of COVID-19 suffering from brain fog.

ADAIR is formulated in a way that deters abuse which is a risk that other amphetamines carry. ADAIR component Dextroamphetamine is FDA approved and used in medicine such as Adderall. ADAIR does not have FDA approval so far. 

Vallon is Philadelphia based and focuses on CNS disorders through the development of new medications. ADAIR is a form of amphetamine that is formulated to be abuse-deterrent. The company uses an immediate release mechanism for drug delivery. 

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