Clinical With the trial's success, AbbVie prepares Botox for a...

With the trial’s success, AbbVie prepares Botox for a different aesthetic use


Recently, AbbVie disclosed positive outcomes from a second phase 3 trial of Botox, aimed at managing moderate to severe platysma prominence. This condition manifests as protrusions in the neck, often extending to the jawline and the lower facial region due to contractions of the platysma muscle. AbbVie’s Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) emerges as a potential remedy for addressing this concern, having already received approval for mitigating wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and various medical conditions.

In a comprehensive trial involving 426 participants, those administered Botox witnessed a significant reduction in these protrusions in comparison to those on a placebo. This reduction was determined through assessments by both investigators and the affected individuals, focusing on the appearance of platysma prominence.

Furthermore, the trial evaluated secondary endpoints, encompassing the satisfaction of participants regarding their appearance, the psychosocial impact of the treatment, and their set expectations. Encouragingly, all these supplementary aspects exhibited favorable outcomes. Additionally, the trial did not uncover any novel safety concerns associated with the usage of Botox. These findings align with a previous study, M21-309, whose revelations were made public in April of this year.

Looking ahead, AbbVie intends to pursue approval from the FDA by the conclusion of this year, anticipating that Botox could pioneer as the inaugural and exclusive neurotoxin sanctioned for this particular condition. As of now, available treatment options encompass surgical interventions such as lower rhytidectomy (neck lift) and platysmaplasty.

From a sales perspective, Botox has significantly bolstered AbbVie’s financial standing. In the year 2022 alone, its cosmetic sales impressively amassed $2.6 billion, while its therapeutic applications contributed a notable $2.7 billion in sales. The spectrum of therapeutic applications for Botox includes its application in treating migraines, limb spasticity, and various bladder conditions.

Nonetheless, AbbVie is bracing for competition within the cosmetic domain, especially from Revance’s Daxxify, which obtained approval in the previous year and garnered $22 million in sales during the second quarter of this year. 

AbbVie initially acquired Botox through a substantial acquisition of Allergan in 2019, amounting to a sizable investment of $63 billion, effectively consolidating its position in the market.

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