Empower Pharmacy inaugurates a $55m facility in Houston

A compounding pharmacy, which is also FDA registered outsourcing facility, Empower Pharmacy, has reported a grand launch of its new facility in...

Pharma will produce over 12B Covid-19 vaccine doses by Dec and 24B by June

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations predicted that Covid-19 vaccine production, without any major setbacks, would be 24 billion by...

Hetero gets approval to make Roche’s tocilizumab in India under the brand name Tocira

By this month’s end, Hetero is planning on making tocilizumab in India under the brand name Tocira. Hetero is...

Japan investigating if Moderna vaccine contamination caused death of three people

A day after his second dose of Moderna vaccine, a 49-year-old man dies, however, the authorities deny the presence of a causal...

Roche’s Actemra may see high demand and short supply due to COVID delta variant

The infused form of Genentech’s arthritis drug, tocilizumab (Roche Actemra), which is being used as a therapy for severe COVID-19 cases, is...

Roche relying on Polivy’s $2B potential to weather biosimilar storm

To help withstand brutal attacks from biosimilars for the cancer troika  ̶   Rituxan, Herceptin and Avastin  ̶  Roche relying has been relying...

Centrient Pharmaceuticals doubles its statin production capacity with a new manufacturing facility

Centrient Pharmaceuticals, a worldwide leader in antifungal agents, sustainable antibiotics, and statins, has announced that the manufacturing

Novartis subsidiary Sandoz increasing its antibiotics manufacturing capacity in Europe with $183m investment

Sandoz, a Novartis company , is planning to invest $183 million (€150 million) in Kundl, Spain, Austria, and Palafolls to expand its antibiotic production network in Europe.

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Patient-Centric Clinical Trials And The Role Of A Travel Concierge

Many people find booking plane tickets, arranging road transportation and overnight lodging overwhelming. Add into that mix...
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China forces insulin price cuts resulting in pullback for global pharma players

Xinhua, a Chinese news channel, commented on the price cut on insulin which was brought on by...

Aussie pharma CSL in talks to buy Swiss firm Vifor Pharma for USD 7B

CSL, the Australian giant, is in talks to buy Vifor Pharma in a deal that is valued...

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Surrounded by controversy, FDA approves Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm

In the middle of the debate about the Alzheimer’s drug approval, the United States FDA has authorized Aduhelm

Amgen’s KRAS drug gets early FDA approval for lung cancer with specific mutation

On Friday, the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has authorized a medication of Amgen Biopharmaceutical in patients with NSCLC

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Pfizer to cough up $345 million to resolve lawsuits over EpiPen price hikes.

Pfizer along with its two subsidiaries ̶ Maryland-based Meridian Medical Technologies and Tennessee-based King Pharmaceuticals

GSK gets EU order for its investigational monoclonal COVID-19 antibody therapy

European Union said on Wednesday that a contract has been signed between them and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to supply approximately 220,000 treatments
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