Research & Development Turn Biotechnologies to move onto the next stage of...

Turn Biotechnologies to move onto the next stage of cell rejuvenation program with the help of pharma organizations.


Turn Biotechnologies has been able to successfully secure fundraising from global pharmaceutical organizations through an oversubscribed funding round. These include HanAll Biopharma, Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Astellas Venture and other VCs.  The fundraising allows for the advancement of Turn’s therapeutic programs. 

Turn Biotechnologies is a specialized company for cell rejuvenation using its own mRNA platform technology named ERA. The company is at its preclinical stage. 

ERA works by fighting the impact of aging at the gene level, by restoring the gene expression to its previous and optimal stare, with the effect being on the epigenome. This technology brings back the cells’ abilities to regenerate its respective tissues, to heal from or fight certain chronic diseases and prevent/ combat diseases altogether.  

Targeted therapy by the company ranges from immunology, ophthalmology,  dermatology, osteo-arthritis and therapy for the muscular system. 

The company made the announcement that it had closed the oversubscribed round and would now be moving forward with its cell rejuvenation therapy program including the development of mRNA drugs for the treatment of diseases related to age. 

Turn has closed investment from major pharma players of international standing and a venture capital group for its unique cell therapy program with its proprietary ERA. These include HanAll Biopharma, Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Astellas Venture Management LLC, and Longe VC

Daewood Pharma is one of the leading colaborative pharmaceutical companies while HanAll pharm works on the research of a wide range of therapeutic areas including ophthalmology, oncology, neurology,  immunology, as well as circulators, endocrine and urological related therapies. Lastly, Astellas is a venture capital organization. Astellas Venture Management is a part of the wider Astellas pharmaceutical, which is an R&D focused innovative pharmaceutical company. They aim to develop therapies for the improvement of human health, across the globe in a trustworthy manner. 

The Turn Bio CEO stated “The attention and support Turn Bio is receiving from organizations around the world shows the confidence companies have in our ability to utilize our proprietary technology platforms to develop cures for now-untreatable conditions that afflict millions of people globally,” 

The representative further explained that the company is moving closer to, essentially, increasing and improving the life span of humans through its cell rejuvenation program. Furthermore, the program is an important combatant to illnesses as well. Some of these age-related diseases are currently not able to be effectively treated and there is a gap in the market. 

With the investment HanAll Pharma brings, HanAll commented, the company can build on its R&D and continue to pioneer cell rejuvenation therapy for the global population and continue to grow the program, helping patients in the process. 

HanAll further encouraged the work of Turn Bio and stated its importance in the pharma sector.

Another investor includes LongeVC. This company focuses on improving company development within the longevity space. Investments increased to some companies within this space: Vitality Healthspan Foundation and disruptive technology investor ThreeD Capital. 

Investments for Methuselah Fund, Shanda Group, and Formic Ventures increased in the same round.

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