Commercial CGM-connected app feature for Type 2 diabetes patients, unveiled...

CGM-connected app feature for Type 2 diabetes patients, unveiled by Abbott and WeightWatchers


One year after allying with the shared objective of enhancing health management for individuals diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Abbott and WeightWatchers have successfully unveiled their integrated application experience. The collaboration was publicly disclosed, marking a significant milestone. This advanced application allows individuals who are both members of WeightWatchers and users of Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 2 continuous glucose monitors to access their CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) data within the WeightWatchers app.

The integration of CGM data within the WeightWatchers app is accessible to those meeting specific criteria, irrespective of their diabetes type—whether it’s Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes. However, both companies have a particular focus on assisting the Type 2 diabetes population. This is because lifestyle modifications encompassing dietary adjustments, regular physical activity, and effective weight management, which align with the fundamental principles of the WeightWatchers program, can notably improve this condition.

The innovative CGM-connected feature is designed to complement WeightWatchers’ tailored plan for diabetes. This specialized plan was meticulously developed to guide individuals with Type 2 diabetes in cultivating healthy habits that contribute to weight reduction and blood sugar level control. Gary Foster, the chief scientific officer at WeightWatchers, highlighted the plan’s effectiveness, citing a substantial reduction of 0.76 in members’ hemoglobin A1c and a 9.8% decrease in diabetes-related distress.

The partnership seamlessly displays glucose data collected by the FreeStyle Libre sensor at various points within the WW app. Users can obtain a quick overview on the app’s main page, showcasing a “glucose card” presenting their latest CGM reading and average time spent within the optimal glucose range, accompanied by weight, activity, and sleep data. Tapping on the card offers users a comprehensive view of the numerical data, providing both real-time readings and extensive analyses of trends over a period.

This integration of data within the WeightWatchers app is significant, as it allows users to correlate specific dietary, exercise, and lifestyle choices with their blood sugar levels, aiding in better management of their condition. Marc Taub, divisional vice president of technical operations for Abbott’s diabetes business, emphasized the inherent synergy between Abbott and WeightWatchers. He stressed the critical role of weight management in effective Type 2 diabetes management, commending WeightWatchers for its reputation in weight management and diabetes-focused programs.

WeightWatchers is currently offering a complimentary month-long trial of the WW diabetes-tailored plan to new members who synchronize a FreeStyle Libre 2 device with the app until the year’s end. Following the trial period, the monthly cost for this diabetes-tailored plan ranges from $15 to $25, making it an accessible and valuable option for individuals seeking to improve their health and manage Type 2 diabetes more effectively.

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