Research & Development Covid-19 Oral Treatment to be developed jointly by Sen-Jam...

Covid-19 Oral Treatment to be developed jointly by Sen-Jam Pharmaceuticals and KVK Tech


According to the partnership, KVK Tech will formulate the oral COVID medication and also offer CMC data.

KVK tech is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-end medicines, specializing in pharmaceutical production. Recently, they became strategic partners with Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical for the development and distribution of Covid 19 treatment to be taken by the oral route. The Sen-Jam agreement with KVK Tech also includes collaboration for the licensing and supply of the drug.

Sen-Jam Pharmaceuticals is a life science company that is in the process of procuring a wide range of anti-inflammatory drugs by changing current molecules into novel combination treatment options.

It is believed that investment will be made by KVK in Sen-Jam to successfully undertake all the necessary operational activities to submit a new drug application with the FDA.

Sen-Jam and KVK Tech’s strategic collaboration consists of two phases. The two companies will operate simultaneously during which Phase II trials will be successfully executed. The study is an additional collaboration between the pharmaceutical company and Duke-NUS Medical School. Following this trial, the manufacturing of the COVID 19 oral therapy by Sen-Jam and KVK Tech will commence for the next nine to twelve months.

KVK Tech will be providing the chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) for the medication. Since KVK is bringing its technical knowledge and capital into the Sen-Jam and KVK Tech strategic collaboration, it will play an important role in its formulation through the procurement of manufacturing and distribution rights in the United States.

The CEO of Sen Jam Pharmaceutical Jim Iversen commented “KVK Tech’s strong reputation and capacity to manufacture billions of tablets and capsules annually make them a great partner for our oral Covid-19 therapeutic.” The company has issued a statement that the Sen-Jam agreement with KVK Tech and Sen-Jam has a firm foundation in the principles of cost-effectiveness while maintaining high quality.

Sen Jam will make use of the finished product and CMC data to get efficient and successful licensing deals with CMOs of manufacturing businesses worldwide.

Kiran Vepuri, KVK’s tech brand marketing President, commented that KVK is immensely proud of its commitment to providing safe, effective, and affordable medications. These medicines have been cleared by the FDA and they meet the demands of consumers. KVK Tech has made it a priority that the public has access to treatment whenever they need it. 

She further added, “Sen-Jam and their talented team of innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs represent a perfect fit for our culture of bringing life-saving medications to the public at an affordable cost.” The Covid-19 oral therapy by Sen-Jam and KVK Tech offers promising results.

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