Clinical Latest data drop backs Medtronic’s MiniMed closed loop system...

Latest data drop backs Medtronic’s MiniMed closed loop system for type 1 diabetes


Medtronic shared the results of its ADAPT study for the efficiency of its MiniMed 780G insulin pump in type 1 diabetes patients at the 2023 Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) Conference in Berlin. The study spanned a year and in six-month data shared last year, it was revealed that there was an approximately 30% increase in time spent in an ideal glucose range per day by participants once they shifted to Medtronic’s system. 

The study also showed that in patients using the device HbA1C levels were reduced by 1.4% compared to participants who manually administered insulin doses. The ADAPT study is the first multinational, randomized controlled study that compares mechanical insulin administration through the MiniMed system and manual administration to find which methods allow participants to meet glycemic targets easier. The study enrolled over 80 participants aged 18 or above.

From the six-month to one-year marks, the study showed that positive results from the switch stuck around for at least a year with the ideal glucose range dropping by less than 1% only.

“These results further strengthen the case for us to move beyond the CGM-first paradigm to ensure patients experience these well-established clinical benefits of automated insulin delivery earlier at diagnosis,” Ohad Cohen, M.D., senior global medical affairs director of Medtronic Diabetes, shared.

Another study’s results were shared at the ATTD. The study titled CLVer focused on youth between the ages of 7 to 17 that were recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and followed the progress of over 110 participants who were out on an intensive diabetes management plan shortly after diagnosis. Their treatment plans either included performing manual injections based on real-time CGM data, which is the current standard of care or reliance on an automated insulin delivery system. The devices used in the study either came from Meditronc or Tandem Diabetes Care.

After monitoring both regimens for a year, an average time in the range of 78% was observed in automated systems and the percentage fell by 14% when inulin was delivered manually. The intention behind sharing the results of this study was to prove the superiority of automated systems as first-line treatment for type 1 diabetes.

In the future, Medtronic plans to integrate the MiniMed 780 system with its Klue app, which will mean that rather than having to adjust their dosages at mealtimes after calculating the number of carbohydrates consumed manually or having to make meal announcements , a smartwatch could be used to detect hand motions akin to eating to dispel insulin. This would bring the current technology closer to a completely hands-off diabetes management system. These advancements are made with the aim to build a fully closed-loop system.

Despite the fact that Medtronic technology is being used in many countries around the world, the U.S. regulatory body, FDA, has not yet approved MiniMed 780G which still holds an investigational status in the country. The agency has particularly raised concerns about inadequacies in the company’s medical device quality systems.

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