Manufacturing Japan investigating if Moderna vaccine contamination caused death of...

Japan investigating if Moderna vaccine contamination caused death of three people


A day after his second dose of Moderna vaccine, a 49-year-old man dies, however, the authorities deny the presence of a causal link.

A third death has occurred in Japan following the administration of a dose of the Moderna vaccine from one of the recalled batches that were discovered to have pollutants. Authorities insist that no causal link between the man’s death and the dose has been found yet.

The man, who was 49 years old received his second dose of the vaccine on the 11th of August, passing away the next day.The health minister stated on Monday that the man only had one health issue, which was an allergy to buckwheat. The ministry stated that it was not yet confirmed that this tragedy was a direct result of the vaccine, as was stated for the prior two fatalities as well.

The dose originated from part of the three recalled batches on 26th August of the Moderna vaccine, numbering 1.63m. This was not from the batches that were discovered to contain pieces of stainless steel in them. The three recalled batches in question were contracted under Moderna and were produced in Spain.

Comments from the company: “This is a tragic event, and the loss of life is something that we take very seriously. We offer our sincerest condolences to their loved ones.”

Local distributor Takeda Pharmaceutical and Moderna presented a joint statement in the preceding week stating:  “The rare presence of stainless steel particles in the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine does not pose an undue risk to patient safety and it does not adversely affect the benefit/risk profile of the product.”

In the previous month, two individuals who had no known health conditions, passed away after receiving the second shot of the same vaccine.

In Gunma, Okinawa, and Kanagawa pollutants identified as particles of rubber were found to have entered the vaccine fluid as a result of improperly inserted needles. No issues were conveyed by individuals who were administered the contaminated vaccines that originated from other batches apart from the recalled batches.

The minister who is in charge of the vaccine drive, Taro Kono reported that over 500,000 individuals have been administered doses from the three contaminated batches.

59% of the Japanese population has received at least one shot of vaccine, while 48% are fully vaccinated, bringing the total of administered Covid-19 vaccine doses to approximately 136 million. The larger proportion of vaccines that were used in Japan were manufactured by Pfizer, however, close to 18 million Moderna doses had also been given until 26th August.

In Tokyo newly reported infections fell below 1,000, which had not happened since mid-July, as reported on Monday.

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