Clinical Ilya Pharma introduces wound healing treatment in collaboration with...

Ilya Pharma introduces wound healing treatment in collaboration with U.S. Defense Department


In the U.S. Defense Department’s Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) Conference, Ilya Pharma reported findings from a first-in-human trial using its unique ILP100-Topical medication candidate. In a significant development, ILP100 uses altered lactic acid bacteria in order to produce an immune regulation response by releasing the human chemokine CXCL12. 

Ilya Pharma is a biopharmaceutical firm in the clinical stages that was founded 6 years ago in 2016 with headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden.  Several immunotherpaies are being developed by the company for an array of skin diseases. Ilya Pharma creates new medication candidates using its own proprietary technology platform for clinical proof-of-concept studies in target patient populations with defined medical needs. According to WHO’s recommendation, the primary medication candidate is ILP100. Another name for the medicine is emilomogene sigulactibac.

The data from research consisting of 26 to 36 healthy volunteers with artificially produced wounds reveal that this medication resulted in reduced scar volume and quicker wound healing. With a low cost of production and chemical stability, Ilya has been quoted as saying that the drug is ideal for all types of situations. The company was delighted to share that the U.S. Defense Department chose the project for the annual medical partnering conference. The experiment consisted of single and multiple dosages: placebo, randomized, adaptive, and double-blind controlled. For minor wounds, the findings illustrate the safety of the drug. 

Three separate assessments were made by independent validators, in which it was found that the drug-treated wounds healed six days quicker than control-treated wounds, and 11 days faster for the maximum dose than control-treated wounds. At the end of the study’s active period, it was found that the healing of wounds depends on the dosage. According to the company, all the results were competitive with the two other approved medications which are the ones with 1-2-day rapid healing power for minor wounds.

Ilya’s portfolio includes three first-in-class immunotherapies for mucosal and skin diseases. These include ILP100-Topical for the treatment of surgical wounds in patients which are obese, pre-diabetic or diabetic, ILP100-Topical for diabetic ulcers, and ILP100-Oral for immune-mediated enterocolitis.

Evelina Vgesjö, the company’s CEO and co-founder said “We are thrilled by the interest shown at this conference. Our method is drawing more interest as a result of its wide range of applications, low manufacturing costs, and so far, proven exceptional stability. We think this could result in joint efforts to prove the notion in military-specific special indications”.

According to a company representative, they have been successful in finding key team members and consultants with the right expertise and extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, life science, and diagnostics. The main aim of the company is to reduce expenditures and antibiotic usage while making sure that the healing process accelerates by 80%. All team members are motivated to make sure that the product provides relief and clinical benefits to current and potential patients.

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