Technology Trialbee’s new tool aims to expedite clinical trial recruitment...

Trialbee’s new tool aims to expedite clinical trial recruitment delays


Clinical trials play a pivotal role in advancing medical research and the development of innovative treatments. However, one major hurdle that often plagues these studies is the recruitment of suitable participants. Delays in enrolling participants can lead to significant cost overruns. In a bid to address this issue, Trialbee, a company specializing in patient recruitment for clinical trials, has recently unveiled a solution – the “Rescue Kit.”

The Rescue Kit is designed to tackle the challenges associated with digital recruitment campaigns that are experiencing delays. According to a press release dated, this innovative tool can take clinical trials from conception to “go live” in as little as four weeks. This is a promising development for the medical research community and holds the potential to revolutionize the way clinical trials are conducted.

The Rescue Kit’s key feature to rapidly create study landing pages, a critical element in reaching potential participants. These landing pages are optimized for engagement and designed to capture the interest of individuals who may be eligible for the trial.

In addition to enhancing the recruitment process, the Rescue Kit offers a collection of document templates tailored to specific indications. These templates are a valuable resource for research teams, as they help expedite the preparation of essential documents required for the trial.

One statistic highlighted by Gaynor Anders, Trialbee’s Chief Delivery Officer, is that up to 80% of clinical trials experience delays and incur additional costs due to patient recruitment challenges. These delays can be caused by various factors, including difficulty finding suitable participants, regulatory hurdles, and logistical issues. Recognizing the pressing need for a solution, Trialbee developed the Rescue Kit to provide immediate assistance to studies facing recruitment-related setbacks.

Moreover, Trialbee’s commitment to improving clinical trial recruitment extends beyond the launch of the Rescue Kit. Earlier this year, the company forged a strategic partnership with Savvy Cooperative, a patient-owned public benefit cooperative. Savvy Cooperative’s member community serves as a platform for patients to engage in discussions about various aspects of clinical research, ranging from product and protocol design to recruitment, conduct, and engagement.

This collaboration with Savvy Cooperative underscores Trialbee’s commitment to patient-centricity in clinical trials. By involving patients in the dialogue, Trialbee aims to gain valuable insights into patient experiences and preferences, which can ultimately inform and optimize the design and execution of clinical trials.

Trialbee’s launch of the Rescue Kit represents a significant step forward in addressing the persistent challenges of clinical trial recruitment delays. By providing a comprehensive solution that accelerates the recruitment process, Trialbee aims to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and, most importantly, expedite the development of life-changing medical treatments. 

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Trialbee’s new tool aims to expedite clinical trial recruitment delays

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