Regulatory The first human-to-pet monkeypox transmission case suspected to be...

The first human-to-pet monkeypox transmission case suspected to be a dog catching it from owners


Scientists had not previously found any report of domesticated animals being infected with the monkeypox virus, which is why it is important to spread awareness on the topic, so that people realize the need to keep their pets separate to avoid transmission.

According to a report in The Lancet, a medical journal, an Italian greyhound aged four has been diagnosed with monkeypox after its owners, who had monkeypox, shared the bed with him in France. This is the first suspected case of monkeypox transmission from human to pet.

The owners of the dog had developed lesions, after which they visited the hospital in Paris on the 10th of June. Just a couple of weeks following the visit, monkeypox symptoms emerged in their pet dog which included abdomen lesions. Soon after the symptoms, Sorbonne University researchers confirmed that the dog had the disease.

According to the researchers, the owners of the greyhound are two males aged 44 and 27. Both are partners but in a non-exclusive, open relationship. Monkeypox cases are heightening in groups of males who indulge in sexual activity with other males. This statistic has caused major concern in localities with greater populations of gay and bisexual males. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends such groups to not indulge in sexual activity with multiple partners to lower exposure risk.

The WHO’s lead on monkeypox, Rosamund Lewis, stated that 99 out of 100 cases of monkeypox in the world are found in men, and roughly 97 of those cases are of men who indulge in sexual intercourse with other men.

Talking on the human to pet transmission, Lewis also said, “On a number of levels, this is new information. It’s not surprising information, and it’s something that we’ve been on the watch out for.”

In a report written by the researchers, they pointed out that the findings should ignite debate highlighting the necessity of isolation for the pets from their owners who are monkeypox positive. Following the findings, the researchers called for more examination on the topic, looking at secondary transmission from pets.

Owners claimed to have been more careful with the dog getting in contact with other animals or people, after testing positive. However, they allowed the greyhound to sleep with them on their bed.

As of last week, over 80 nations have reported monkeypox cases. France has had about 1,700 cases of the disease while the global confirmed cases have risen to over 31,400. The United Kingdom has reported 3,000 cases, most of which have been in London. According to health officials, the outbreak of the disease is showing signs of slowing down but it’s too soon to forecast if the fading state will be constant.

The disease was declared a public health emergency earlier this month by the United States. Following this case of suspected transmission, United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated their website to now include dogs in the list of animals that can supposedly catch the virus.

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