Clinical Bayer Raises Enthusiasm about Kerendia Heart and Kidney Disease...

Bayer Raises Enthusiasm about Kerendia Heart and Kidney Disease Drug after SGLT2 Patients see Benefits


It was previously thought that the heart and kidney disease drug Kerendia, was in competition with SGLT2 diabetes medications. However, recent data that emerged from the Figaro-DKD trial revealed that the benefits of Kerendia show that it can be used in conjunction with, and works well with these SGLT2 inhibitors. This has improved the prospects of Bayer’s Kerendia.

 In fact, Bayer representatives noted that the trial results exceed the expectations of the capability of benefits of Kerendia.

Kerendia Drug for Heart and Kidney Disease:

 Heart and kidney disease drug Kerendia is expected to now see an increase in its market share and reach a wider patient base. Bayer’s Kerendia drug is projected to fetch high sales as FDA approves Kerendia. A similar story for Nubeqa, Bayer’s drug to help against prostate cancer, was seen in the preceding year.

Bayer’s Kerendia would be part of the four such medications that the company expects to launch with potential to be market leaders. The expected market leaders include Elinzanetant, Verquvo, Nubeqa, and heart and kidney disease drug Kerendia. Bayer’s Kerendia success then comes at an opportune time where the company may face instability due to Xarelto, a stroke prevention drug and Eylea, an eye drug losing exclusivity in the market.

FDA Approves Kerendia:

As FDA approves Kerendia and the benefits of Kerendia become clear through the trial results, the expected sales of the drug range close to €250 million. Previously, thanks to Eylea’s COVID- related recovery, an increase of over 7% was enjoyed by Bayer.

Apart from Bayer’s Kerendia drug, Xarelto also reached a key victory for the company by securing a patent for the drug until the end of 2026. This is expected to help it hone in on programs for factor XI. Bayer’s Kerendia has so far not been threatened by China’s generic players, as was Nexavar, a liver cancer drug. Nexavar lost over €100 million due to these generic players. As FDA approves Kerendia it can hope for a fruitful coming year. In fact, Bayer’s Kerendia drug may become a top seller as predicted by the company.

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